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August 2014

President’s Letter – AUGUST 2014

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It has been a relatively smooth season for the club both on and off the court and we hope to round it out with success in the Spring season finals. We have had 7 teams reach the finals. Congratulations to Jade, Emerald, Pearl and Amber for reaching the Elimination final, and good luck to the following 3 teams – Quartz, Opal and Azure – who have won through to their respective sections Grand Final!

As I have mentioned in earlier communications, we may experience heightened emotions as a result of the tensions of finals netball. So I’d like to provide a timely reminder of the codes of conduct that we all are expected to adhere to when representing and supporting our club. These codes of conduct apply throughout the year of course, to help ensure enjoyable experiences are had by us all. This ranges from player behaviour towards coaches, opposition, etc., through to parent and coach behaviour towards umpires, etc. The codes of conduct can be viewed on our website.


We are currently finalising our teams for the upcoming winter season. We will have at least two new young teams starting the Winter season. There will be changes to some of our existing teams as is standard at this time, due to player movements to/from the club, and player development. We aim to maintain balanced teams that allow all players to excel whilst enjoying the game of netball. The teams are expected to be published on the website a week or so after the Spring Season finals conclude.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the regrading, please forward your thoughts/queries to hilitesnetball@gmail.com and I will endeavour to respond ASAP.


As players skills develop, so to do their bodies. If uniforms are now too short, tight or simply worn, now is the time to consider ordering a new uniform for the coming season! Please contact Kim Balocca (kbalocca@optusnet.com.au) ASAP to sort out your orders to ensure you are appropriately kitted for the 2015 seasons. Costs for the uniform and payment details can be found on the website, http://hi-litesnetball.org.au/uniforms/

Please note, our approved uniform dictates white socks must be worn. It has been noted that there has been a few players wearing black socks. White socks are what the WNA requires and they are entitled to deduct points for teams fielding players with black socks.

2nd Hand Dresses

Hi-Lites may offer players up to $35 for second hand dresses (subject to availability). This is on condition they are of good quality. We will then endeavour to on sell, at the same price, to other players. This is a gratuitous service offered exclusively to Hi-Lites players. Please contact Kim Balocca (kbalocca@optusnet.com.au) if you wish to sell or purchase a second hand dress.

Coaches and Team Managers

The club will be looking to confirm over the coming months our wonderful volunteers to Coach and Team Manage our teams for next season. (Note: These will be communicated late January). With out their assistance our club cannot operate effectively – they are a vital cog in our operations. I’d like to thank all our coaches and team managers for their outstanding efforts over the year and look forward to their continued contributions over the coming seasons.

For those who are not continuing for 2015, I hope the experience has been a rewarding one. We have been truly appreciative of you commitments to the club.

With vacancies, wonderful opportunities arise for others to assume roles within the club. If you are interested, willing and able to assist please advise the committee via hilitesnetball@gmail.com and we will contact you to discuss any opportunities.


Just as critical to our operations are our umpires. With so many games being played each week, clubs are expected to provide umpires to help officiate the games. We have over 20 umpires from our club who commit time and effort to umpire (as well as play!). We are truly appreciative of their passion and enthusiasm for the role and the great job they perform.


Our website (http://hi-litesnetball.org.au) has been subtly refreshed, with additional content gradually being added. Recently we have added a FAQ section, defined the coaches role within the club, provided information on the Regrading policy, and set up a structure within the website for additional content to be loaded soon. If you have any suggestions of further information you’d like to see on the site please forward your suggestions to hilitesnetball@gmail.com.

Representative Trials

Whitehorse representative trials were recently conducted with many Hi-Lites players trialling. We have had numerous players from our club selected to represent the association in 2015 across the age groups which is a fantastic achievement for the individual players and it demonstrates the wealth of talent being developed within our club. We will communicate the full list of players when the lists are officially advised by the WNA. Congratulations to all our players who received letters of acceptance in recent weeks from the WNA!

Finally, with the Christmas holiday period fast approaching, we’d like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing break and see you all recharged for the Winter season which will be kicking off in early February.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

John Nannes

Hi-Lites President



If you have any feedback regarding our operations, or have any issues or concerns that you would like to bring to the attention of the Committee please email the specifics through to hilitesnetball@gmail.com.