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December 2014

President’s Letter – December 2014

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For the final newsletter of the year…I’ll keep it short.

Regrading update
We have put the finishing touches to our team submissions for the 2016 season. Team submissions had to be made to the WNA by the end of November. We have had the independent assessor watching all our teams over a 3 week period and received recommendations around player movements for the coming season. We plan to publish our new teams on the website shortly after the conclusion of the Spring season finals.

Well done to all our budding umpires who have been learning their craft every weekend. Jacci Strachan has been very appreciative of the commitment and passion that they demonstrate. Good luck to our panel umpires who will be asked to umpire finals.

And importantly, we have yet another Hi-Lites umpire who has recently attained her ‘C’ Badge. Congratulations to Emily Richardson!

Just a reminder that if you are looking to purchase new uniforms for the 2016 season, the time is ripe to place your orders. Please email Kim Balocca to sort out your requirements ASAP. Uniform details are available on our website here.

Finals contenders
Well done to all our teams who have played out a fantastic Spring Season. Whilst many of our teams only just missed out on finals, we had 6 teams make it through:

  • Jade
  • Garnet
  • Silver
  • Citrine
  • Azure
  • Ruby

Good luck to Azure and Silver who have made it to the Grand Final of their respective sections this coming weekend.

Finally, with Christmas and New Year fast approaching, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and enjoyable festive season.

John Nannes