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September 2015

President’s Letter – September 2015

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After a loooong drawn out winter, Spring has finally hit and along with it have come the smiles as we all enjoy the suns warmth. About time!

Coaching course
In July we had approximately 20 people attend the coaching course at Sportlink which provided our current and budding future coaches with plenty of ideas, a variety of tactics and training drills to add to their repertoire and use with their respective teams. The attendees were enthusiastic and soaked up the wealth of knowledge shared by the trainers. In investing in our coaches we hope to enhance the enjoyment and continued development of our players. By all accounts it was a very enjoyable and well run course.

Club Regrading
As is our annual process, we have organised for an independent assessor to observe our teams over a 3 week period with the view to regrading our players. As you would be aware, the aim of this process is to ensure we form well balanced teams of players of similar skill and ability.

The assessment period will commence in October with the view to be able to lodge teams with the WNA by the lodgement date in November. Teams will not be communicated until after the Spring season concludes.

The WNA will then conduct their own grading to form the sections that the respective teams will play in. This information is usually available late January.

Please refer to the website for further information on our regrading policy and process.

As players’ bodies develop, so too does the need for suitably fitting uniforms. Should your child require a new uniform, please contact our Uniform Co-Ordinator, Kim Balocca at kbalocca@optusnet.com.au. The Club currently has various sizes in stock and if we don’t, we will order the new dresses for you. Keep in mind there is a 4-6 week turnaround time from the time of ordering.

If you are interested in selling or buying to/from our second hand stock pool, please also contact Kim Balocca, who can help out with all uniform needs.

Costs for uniforms and payment details can be found on the website, http://hi-litesnetball.org.au/uniforms/

WNA Representative Trials
Trials for the 2016 WNA Representative Teams will be held on the following days –

13/U – Sunday 18th October 2015, 2pm
15/U – Sunday 25th October 2015, 3pm
17/U – Sunday 25th October 2015, 5.30pm

For further information or an application form please refer to the WNA website – http://whitehorsenetball.org.au/representative-teams

WNA Development Squad
Congratulations to some of young players who were selected for the U10 Whitehorse development squad:
Amelie Nannes
Annie Chamberlain
Evie Tumes
Rubi Pickering
Sarah McNulty

Good luck to all teams in the lead in to the Spring season finals.

John Nannnes