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Presidents Letter – March 2016

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What a fantastic way to lead into the Winter season. The Hi-Lites Club Day held at the Vermont Cricket club, was a magnificent success, with well over 200 people attending throughout the evening. It was pleasing to see so many players, their siblings and parents, enjoy a fun and relaxing evening with ample opportunities to take their happy snaps in the camera booth, enjoy a cooling slurpie, tasty pizza’s and plenty of dancing.

It was also a good opportunity to welcome the many new players commencing with us this year. Again we have 2 new teams commencing in the Modified Sections, who are playing on Monday evenings. As the competition continues to expand in size, the WNA has been forced to introduce Monday evening competition to accommodate additional sections. From all accounts the Monday evening competition is progressing very well.

Behind the scenes ensuring the smooth operation of our club is our wonderful committee. We’ve been fortunate to maintain strong consistent representation on the committee for a number of years, however with many of our current Committee having committed time to the club for significant stints, a number of our members have indicated it’s time to step aside. We have our AGM coming up in a little over 2 months and we are looking for a handful of new members to nominate for positions on our committee. So if you have any, management, accounting, website management or organisational skills, please make yourself known via an email to hilitesnetball@gmail.com, or discussing interest with any of our committee. If you have an interest in influencing the operations of our great club, here’s a great chance to get involved and do just that.

I’d like again to remind our existing members, and introduce to our new members, the codes of conduct that we are all expected to adhere to. Please familiarise yourselves with these – available on our website. We have also added the WNA’s Social Media Policy which we are expected to adhere to. We would like to ensure that all teams play, are supported and coached in the right spirit of the game.

If you ever have any issues or concerns, queries or requests regarding the operations of the club, please email hilitesnetball@gmail.com and we will endeavour to look into it for you. A great start to understanding our clubs operations is our website. Please review the information provided here. Hopefully you should find most of your answers to questions on the site.

Good luck to all our teams for the season! Go Hi-Lites!!!

President’s Letter – September 2015

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After a loooong drawn out winter, Spring has finally hit and along with it have come the smiles as we all enjoy the suns warmth. About time!

Coaching course
In July we had approximately 20 people attend the coaching course at Sportlink which provided our current and budding future coaches with plenty of ideas, a variety of tactics and training drills to add to their repertoire and use with their respective teams. The attendees were enthusiastic and soaked up the wealth of knowledge shared by the trainers. In investing in our coaches we hope to enhance the enjoyment and continued development of our players. By all accounts it was a very enjoyable and well run course.

Club Regrading
As is our annual process, we have organised for an independent assessor to observe our teams over a 3 week period with the view to regrading our players. As you would be aware, the aim of this process is to ensure we form well balanced teams of players of similar skill and ability.

The assessment period will commence in October with the view to be able to lodge teams with the WNA by the lodgement date in November. Teams will not be communicated until after the Spring season concludes.

The WNA will then conduct their own grading to form the sections that the respective teams will play in. This information is usually available late January.

Please refer to the website for further information on our regrading policy and process.

As players’ bodies develop, so too does the need for suitably fitting uniforms. Should your child require a new uniform, please contact our Uniform Co-Ordinator, Kim Balocca at kbalocca@optusnet.com.au. The Club currently has various sizes in stock and if we don’t, we will order the new dresses for you. Keep in mind there is a 4-6 week turnaround time from the time of ordering.

If you are interested in selling or buying to/from our second hand stock pool, please also contact Kim Balocca, who can help out with all uniform needs.

Costs for uniforms and payment details can be found on the website, http://hi-litesnetball.org.au/uniforms/

WNA Representative Trials
Trials for the 2016 WNA Representative Teams will be held on the following days –

13/U – Sunday 18th October 2015, 2pm
15/U – Sunday 25th October 2015, 3pm
17/U – Sunday 25th October 2015, 5.30pm

For further information or an application form please refer to the WNA website – http://whitehorsenetball.org.au/representative-teams

WNA Development Squad
Congratulations to some of young players who were selected for the U10 Whitehorse development squad:
Amelie Nannes
Annie Chamberlain
Evie Tumes
Rubi Pickering
Sarah McNulty

Good luck to all teams in the lead in to the Spring season finals.

John Nannnes

President’s Letter – July 2015

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I’d like to start off by congratulating the 5 teams who made it through to the Grand Final of the Winter season – Amber, Jade, Quartz, Turquoise and Zircon!

The finals were tight, tense contests and a pleasure to watch. Well done to Amber, Turquiose and Zircon who won their respective section final.

New Committee
The AGM was conducted recently and the committee for the coming year was determined. The committee members are listed here on our website. Thanks to the committee members current, new and resigning for their contributions to our great club. Without their efforts the club would struggle to operate.

Coaching course
The club is conducting a coaching course on the 19th July for our current and aspiring coaches. This is a great opportunity for those with an interest in becoming a coach or assistant coach; to learn some coaching skills, drills and strategies to assist in developing our teams to be the best they can be. If you have an interest in coaching, further details are available here on the website. There is no cost to participate as it is fully funded by the Club.

Chisholm squad
Recently the U15 Chisholm Region trials were conducted at Sportlink. There were many girls from our association and others in the region who trialled from which a squad of 12 were selected to represent Chisholm in the State tournament to be conducted in Bendigo in October.

Congratulations to Catherine Chamberlain, Kara Morrison, Matisse Nannes and Jasmine Fisher who were selected in the squad. A great representation from Hi-Lites!

Good luck to all our teams for the coming Spring season which starts on the 18th July.

John Nannes

President’s Letter – May 2015

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Time certainly flies! We’re well and truly past the halfway mark of the season. Hopefully our teams continue to put in strong performances leading into the finals and ensure good representation in the finals series for Hi-Lites.

Registration Forms
Registrations for the coming Spring season are now open. Hopefully you will have received registration forms from your team manager via email in recent days. If not, the registration forms are available via our website.

Registration forms must be submitted to your Team Manager on or before the 16th May. These will be on forwarded to the committee for processing.

Teams for the Spring season must be submitted to the WNA before the Winter season concludes, so you can understand that prompt attention to the registration forms is essential.

If you do not intend to continue for the Spring season, it is important that your team manager is advised by the 16th May.

There have been a few enquiries regarding the uniform in recent weeks as the weather cools. Please be aware that the registered uniform for Hi-Lites is the blue/green dress; blue/black briefs; white socks and sports shoes. All players representing Hi-Lites MUST adhere to this uniform on the court on game day.

Please note that the Whitehorse Netball Association’s Bylaws state that “players not in correct uniform may incur a 1 point loss per player, per game”. It would be very disappointing for a team to potentially miss out on finals due to a penalty based on our players not being in correct uniform!

There has also been a noted trend for players wearing black socks. This is not correct Hi-Lites uniform. So please ensure white socks are worn on game day.

We are holding the Hi-Lites AGM on Wednesday 27th May at 7:30pm at the Vermont Primary School in the GP Room.

All positions are declared vacant. Nomination forms for anyone wishing to join the committee will be posted on the Hi-Lites website shortly.

So, if you have an interest in helping shape the direction of the club and are willing to commit some time and effort into the club’s operations, please feel free to discuss with a committee member to gain a greater understanding of what is involved in the roles. Nomination forms should be forwarded to the Secretary personally or via email to hilitesnetball@gmail.com

To ensure we have a quorum to conduct the AGM, we expect that each team be represented by at least one delegate.

We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Congratulations to some of our umpires who have been successful in attaining their umpiring badges in recent weeks. Nathan Begley attained his “A” Badge, whilst the following umpires have received their ‘C’ badge: Eden Whelan, Kate Ward, Leah Stremski and Matisse Nannes. This is a fantastic outcome these umpires and also for our club as it opens up further umpiring opportunities for other club members hopeful of joining the umpiring ranks.

Well done to all our umpires who continue to represent our club so admirably.

Good luck to all our teams in the lead up to the finals.

John Nannes
Hi-Lites President

President’s Letter – March 2015

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It’s great to see that everyone has recharged their batteries over the holiday period and made an enthusiastic start to the Winter season with some great netball played to date.

I’d like to welcome into the club the many new players who are wearing the Hi-Lites uniform for the first time, and of course their parents. We have had 2 new modified teams starting with us this year. They are always enjoyable to watch as they play with fun and enjoyment as their priority.

So with the new season and new faces to the club, I’d like to remind you and introduce to others, the codes of conduct that we are all expected to adhere to. Please familiarise yourselves with these codes which are available on our website – Players; Parents; Coaches.

We would like to ensure that all teams play, are supported and coached in the right spirit of the game.

We have a few new coaches and changes in Team Managers this season. The club is very thankful for the time and effort that is committed to the development of our teams and their players. For the full list of Team Managers and Coaches you can visit this website page. Please provide any support to these people when asked. They all volunteer to give up their time to passionately help the club run smoothly – so any assistance is typically appreciated.

As communicated in the December newsletter, we had many players successfully trial for the WNA representative teams. The following players have made the squads and are playing on Thursday evenings at Jells Park.

Emily Borr
Annie Dyett
Stephanie Issa
Imogen Leeming
Saskia Nannes
Samantha Rumsey
Sienna Thornton
Sommer Tumes

Kellie Ainsworth
Catherine Chamberlain
Jasmine Fisher
Abby Jones
Kara Morrison
Matisse Nannes
Eden Whelan

Elizabeth Shaw
Brooke Tumes

If you ever have any issues or concerns, queries or requests regarding the operations of the club, please email hilitesnetball@gmail.com and we will endeavour to look into it for you. A great start to understanding our clubs operations is via our website. Please review the information provided here. Hopefully you should find most of your answers to questions on the site.

Good luck to all our teams for the season! Go Hi-Lites!!!

John Nannes

President’s Letter – December 2014

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For the final newsletter of the year…I’ll keep it short.

Regrading update
We have put the finishing touches to our team submissions for the 2016 season. Team submissions had to be made to the WNA by the end of November. We have had the independent assessor watching all our teams over a 3 week period and received recommendations around player movements for the coming season. We plan to publish our new teams on the website shortly after the conclusion of the Spring season finals.

Well done to all our budding umpires who have been learning their craft every weekend. Jacci Strachan has been very appreciative of the commitment and passion that they demonstrate. Good luck to our panel umpires who will be asked to umpire finals.

And importantly, we have yet another Hi-Lites umpire who has recently attained her ‘C’ Badge. Congratulations to Emily Richardson!

Just a reminder that if you are looking to purchase new uniforms for the 2016 season, the time is ripe to place your orders. Please email Kim Balocca to sort out your requirements ASAP. Uniform details are available on our website here.

Finals contenders
Well done to all our teams who have played out a fantastic Spring Season. Whilst many of our teams only just missed out on finals, we had 6 teams make it through:

  • Jade
  • Garnet
  • Silver
  • Citrine
  • Azure
  • Ruby

Good luck to Azure and Silver who have made it to the Grand Final of their respective sections this coming weekend.

Finally, with Christmas and New Year fast approaching, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and enjoyable festive season.

John Nannes

President’s Letter – AUGUST 2014

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It has been a relatively smooth season for the club both on and off the court and we hope to round it out with success in the Spring season finals. We have had 7 teams reach the finals. Congratulations to Jade, Emerald, Pearl and Amber for reaching the Elimination final, and good luck to the following 3 teams – Quartz, Opal and Azure – who have won through to their respective sections Grand Final!

As I have mentioned in earlier communications, we may experience heightened emotions as a result of the tensions of finals netball. So I’d like to provide a timely reminder of the codes of conduct that we all are expected to adhere to when representing and supporting our club. These codes of conduct apply throughout the year of course, to help ensure enjoyable experiences are had by us all. This ranges from player behaviour towards coaches, opposition, etc., through to parent and coach behaviour towards umpires, etc. The codes of conduct can be viewed on our website.


We are currently finalising our teams for the upcoming winter season. We will have at least two new young teams starting the Winter season. There will be changes to some of our existing teams as is standard at this time, due to player movements to/from the club, and player development. We aim to maintain balanced teams that allow all players to excel whilst enjoying the game of netball. The teams are expected to be published on the website a week or so after the Spring Season finals conclude.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the regrading, please forward your thoughts/queries to hilitesnetball@gmail.com and I will endeavour to respond ASAP.


As players skills develop, so to do their bodies. If uniforms are now too short, tight or simply worn, now is the time to consider ordering a new uniform for the coming season! Please contact Kim Balocca (kbalocca@optusnet.com.au) ASAP to sort out your orders to ensure you are appropriately kitted for the 2015 seasons. Costs for the uniform and payment details can be found on the website, http://hi-litesnetball.org.au/uniforms/

Please note, our approved uniform dictates white socks must be worn. It has been noted that there has been a few players wearing black socks. White socks are what the WNA requires and they are entitled to deduct points for teams fielding players with black socks.

2nd Hand Dresses

Hi-Lites may offer players up to $35 for second hand dresses (subject to availability). This is on condition they are of good quality. We will then endeavour to on sell, at the same price, to other players. This is a gratuitous service offered exclusively to Hi-Lites players. Please contact Kim Balocca (kbalocca@optusnet.com.au) if you wish to sell or purchase a second hand dress.

Coaches and Team Managers

The club will be looking to confirm over the coming months our wonderful volunteers to Coach and Team Manage our teams for next season. (Note: These will be communicated late January). With out their assistance our club cannot operate effectively – they are a vital cog in our operations. I’d like to thank all our coaches and team managers for their outstanding efforts over the year and look forward to their continued contributions over the coming seasons.

For those who are not continuing for 2015, I hope the experience has been a rewarding one. We have been truly appreciative of you commitments to the club.

With vacancies, wonderful opportunities arise for others to assume roles within the club. If you are interested, willing and able to assist please advise the committee via hilitesnetball@gmail.com and we will contact you to discuss any opportunities.


Just as critical to our operations are our umpires. With so many games being played each week, clubs are expected to provide umpires to help officiate the games. We have over 20 umpires from our club who commit time and effort to umpire (as well as play!). We are truly appreciative of their passion and enthusiasm for the role and the great job they perform.


Our website (http://hi-litesnetball.org.au) has been subtly refreshed, with additional content gradually being added. Recently we have added a FAQ section, defined the coaches role within the club, provided information on the Regrading policy, and set up a structure within the website for additional content to be loaded soon. If you have any suggestions of further information you’d like to see on the site please forward your suggestions to hilitesnetball@gmail.com.

Representative Trials

Whitehorse representative trials were recently conducted with many Hi-Lites players trialling. We have had numerous players from our club selected to represent the association in 2015 across the age groups which is a fantastic achievement for the individual players and it demonstrates the wealth of talent being developed within our club. We will communicate the full list of players when the lists are officially advised by the WNA. Congratulations to all our players who received letters of acceptance in recent weeks from the WNA!

Finally, with the Christmas holiday period fast approaching, we’d like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing break and see you all recharged for the Winter season which will be kicking off in early February.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

John Nannes

Hi-Lites President



If you have any feedback regarding our operations, or have any issues or concerns that you would like to bring to the attention of the Committee please email the specifics through to hilitesnetball@gmail.com.