I agree to:

Treat all players with respect at all times. Be honest and consistent with them.

Promote a climate of mutual support amongst my players. Encourage all players to respect one another regardless of their level of play.

Encourage and facilitate players’ independence and responsibility for their own behaviour, performance, decisions and actions.

Involve the players in decisions that affect them.

Provide feedback to players in a caring manner sensitive to their needs. Avoid overly negative feedback.

Refrain from any form of personal abuse towards players or their parents.

Ensure that all tasks, training methods, equipment and facilities are safe and suitable for age, experience, ability and physical and psychological conditions of the players.

Ensure all time spent with me is a positive experience. Provide training and opportunities that ensure everybody has a reasonable chance to succeed, develop skills and confidence.

Set challenges for players that are achievable and motivating.

Act as a role model at all times promoting the positive aspects of sport and maintaining the highest standards of personal conduct.

Respect and accept the role of officials. Know and abide by netball rules and encourage players to do likewise. Accept both the letter and the spirit of the rules.