General Committee Members assist the Executive Committee in the running of the Hi-Lites Netball Club.

Responsible to:

General Committee Members are responsible to the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary and the members of Hi-Lites Netball Club.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • In conjunction with the President organize fundraising activities and determine strategies on how to increase the number of Hi-Lites Netball Club coaches/teams/players.
  • In conjunction with the President and the Recruiting Co-ordinator/Registration Officer;
    • Implement and supervise the strategies established in order to increase the number of Hi-Lites Netball Club coaches/teams/players.
    • Co-ordinate recruitment drives
    • Organize flyers for schools/students.
    • Distribute flyers to feeder schools
    • Liaise with feeder schools about publishing ads in their newsletters and website.
  • Coordinate the required support for any Club Duty days as allocated by the WNA
  • Attend monthly committee meetings and submit reports on activities in progress.
  • Assist the Executive Committee with the “Club Day” and Annual General Meeting, and any other events and/or tasks requiring assistance, as determined by the committee.
  • Other duties as nominated by the President and / or Committee
  • Have knowledge of the Hi-Lites Netball Club Constitution and how the club operates.
  • A strong understanding of netball and association procedures.

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Can communicate effectively.
  • Knowledge of the Hi-Lites Netball Club’s constitution.
  • Computer literacy.