The Secretary is the chief administration officer of the Hi-Lites Netball Club. This person provides the coordinating link between the Committee and the Members.

The Secretary forms part of the Executive Committee along with the President, Vice President and Treasurer. The Executive Committee on occasions have the power to meet to deal with any particular matter or matters upon such terms as the Committee may think fit.

The Secretary is elected by the Hi-Lites Netball Club members.

Responsible to:

The Secretary is directly responsible to the Netball Committee President, the Club Committee and the members of Hi-Lites Netball Club.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Prepare the agenda for committee meetings in consultation with the President and distributes to all Committee Members.
  • Send adequate notice of forthcoming meetings to all Committee Members.
  • Keep accurate minutes of committee meetings and then distribute to all Committee Members shortly after each meeting and no later than 7 days.
  • Maintain records of the club as required by law and made available when required by authorised persons. Records may include founding documents, list of committee members, meeting minutes, financial reports and other official records
  • Attend to all correspondence and issue notices as required.
  • Keep records of all inward and outward correspondence and distribute to appropriate Committee Members.
  • Communicate information between Hi-Lites Netball Club and coaches/club members, such as important dates, events etc.
  • Liaise with the President and other committee members when required.
  • Ensure a register of all members is maintained as required under the Associations Incorporation Act.
  • Ensure a register of all Executive Committee members and other committee members is maintained as required under the Associations Incorporation Act.
  • Maintain an up to date register of coaches and team manager’s names and addresses.
  • Maintain a file of all relevant contact details (eg. Insurance, Website, etc.)
  • Disseminate relevant WNA information to the President, committee members and to all coaches and team managers.
  • To attend scheduled meetings
  • Be a signatory on club cheques (with at least one other).
  • Lodge the Annual Financial Statements with Consumer Affairs Victoria with the financial Statements provided by the Treasurer.
  • To keep copies of all correspondence and other documents relating to the club.
  • Co-ordinate all contact with WNA on team and club issues
  • Receive and file relevant Police Check records or Working with Children documentation
  • Act as Public Officer as required by the Associations Incorporation Act.
  • Prepare and issue a calendar of club activities to the Executive committee members, Life Members and team representatives
  • Present the team registration packs provided by the Hi-Lites Registrar to the WNA Registrar.

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Can communicate effectively.
  • Knowledge of the Hi-Lites Netball Club Constitution.
  • Can maintain confidentiality on relevant matters.
  • Computer literacy.