The Website Manager oversees the maintenance of the presentation and content of the Hi-Lites Netball Club’s website.

Responsible to

The Website Manager is directly responsible to the President, the Club Committee and the members of Hi-Lites Netball Club.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Ensure that the website is a vital information hub and a useful resource for all club members through timely publishing of new and updated content to the club’s website
  • Ensure appropriateness of content published to the club’s website
  • Promote the use of the clubs website
  • Liaise with committee members to acquire information
  • Look to grow user traffic to, and through, the club’s website
  • Maintain the currency of the website content (ie remove outdated content where appropriate)
  • Keep user ID’s and passwords used to access and maintain the website, safe and secure at all times for security and integrity of website content
  • Have knowledge of the Hi-Lites Netball Club Constitution and how the club operates.
  • A strong understanding of netball and association procedures.

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Can communicate effectively.
  • Knowledge of the Hi-Lites Netball Club’s constitution.
  • Computer literacy and website publishing skills.