We have new training equipment available. If coach’s wish to borrow any of the equipment listed below, please contact Kim Balocca at kbalocca@optusnet.com.au. To ensure that all teams get a chance to use the new equipment, equipment will need to be returned directly to Kim promptly after use.
Circuit training kits
We now have two sets of circuit equipment which can be borrowed and used for training. Included in these bags are:Two sets available

  • 1 x 2 kg Medicine ball,
  • 1 x yoga mat,
  • 2 x set of boxing gloves,
  • 2 x set of hook & jab gloves,
  • 1 x 8 m agility ladder,
  • 5 x weighted skipping ropes.
Gilbert Pass developer Balls
Also we have 10 Gilbert pass developer balls, which are overweight laminated balls.
They help strengthen wrists to increase passing distance and accuracy and have an advanced grip systemWe have
2 sets of 4 pass developer balls
1 set of 2 pass developer balls

Reaction balls.

3.5" Reaction Ball
They are:
  • Six-sided high-bounce rubber design that causes the ball to leap and pop randomly;
  • For use on all hard surfaces and walls;
  • Great training tool for all sports;
  • They can be used individually against a wall or in a team setting.

A suggested activity is to have 2-4 kids stand close together in a small circle, drop the ball from shoulder height and try to catch it.We have 2 sets of 5 reaction Balls

Skipping ropes

2 x sets of 10 skipping ropes
1 x set of 5 skipping ropes

Agility ladder (in 2 parts can be joined together)
1 x set

Buffalo Skill Master Netball, training ball
Supreme grip netball made from cellular rubber, featuring positional hand prints to teach correct grip, for passing, catching, goal shooting (left and right hand)

Two available

If you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact Ally .