The main role of a team manager is to support the team coach.

Each coach has to dedicate a large amount of their personal time each week for training, match preparation, and of course, giving the players every support during each match. As such, there is not a lot of time left to spend on the other less glamorous areas of running a netball team.

This is where the team manager steps in.

The role will simply be to take away some of the administration and time consuming areas such as communication that may be required. The team manager role is not demanding, but a good manager will leave the coach with more time to actually ‘coach’ and therefore a better team should result.

Responsible to

The Team Manager is directly responsible to the Hi-Lites Club committee through the Hi-Lites Secretary, and also to their respective team and its coach & players.


Areas where Team Managers will be required to assist are:

  • Acting as liaison officer between the club and the team
  • Help the Coach to get messages to the team as the Coach requires
  • Handling the administration and management of the team and welfare of all team members at training and games. When fees are due for the season the team manager collects all registration forms and money due. The manager checks everything is complete before handing to Hi-Lites treasurer.
  • Have sound knowledge of the selection procedures and rules/regulations of the competition
  • Adjudicating any problems that may arise amongst players, parents and the coach.
  • Ensure the bylaws are abided by at all times
  • Produce and distribute a list of team players & contact details including Email addresses and mobile phone numbers of parents and players, if possible
  • Co-ordinating training times and attendance and informing players and parents of game times and court venue.
  • Inform the coach of any players who have notified you of their non-attendance to either training or to a game.
  • Rostering parent scorers and snack responsibility for each game.
  • Alerting players to cancelled training/matches because of weather or any other reason
  • Be in attendance at training sessions if possible or ensure that another adult is in attendance in case of injury.
  • Ensure players are in correct uniform at games and have removed all jewellery and piercings. Only medic alert bracelets are allowed to be worn and only then if they are taped.
  • Ensure all equipment is safe, the first aid kit is always fully stocked ready for use and the players have their own drink bottle
  • Discourage parents and friends from giving the players instructions whilst they are on the court. This is the coach’s job.
  • Ensure the score card and any other rules/regulations of the competition are carried out at all times
  • Collecting bibs after each game
  • Ensure all players remain together at games and support each other whilst they are representing the club
  • Encourage friendly and encouraging cheering from the sidelines.
  • Definitely no detrimental comments to or about the umpires or players from anyone. If the manager hears anyone from there team making any detrimental comments about the players or officials then they need to take appropriate measures to stop this from happening.

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Good interpersonal and communications skills
  • Be approachable, encouraging, respectful, inclusive
  • Knowledge of the WNA By-Laws.