Team Managers and Coaches List

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The home team collects Scoresheets from Mission Control each Saturday morning prior to the commencement of each game. The Team Manager is to ensure that the scoresheets are filled out correctly, points will be taken from teams if these are incorrect and it can affect team’s chances of making finals. Examples are available to assist on how to fill out the scorecard correctly. It is recommended to print off a copy and keep it in the kit bag for any new parents helping out.

Whilst scoring the home team completes the scoresheet with the away team looking on. It is the responsibility of each team to provide a scorer for each game.

Team Re-structuring

At the beginning of each season, the committee is required to consider a number of factors when submitting team lists to WNA. These include;

  • New players awaiting registration
  • Independant Assessor recommendations
  • Coach feedback
  • Parental requests
  • Friendship groups
  • WNA association recommendations

With this in mind it may means that one or more teams will be required to be disbanded to allow for the above changes. The aim of these changes is to give as many players as possible the opportunity to be involved, at an appropriate standard of competition. The Team Manager is required to ensure that this information is communicated to the team and that they are aware of the regrading policy.


WNA wish for all players, coaches, parents and supporters to have an enjoyable experience each week at Netball and therefore stress the importance of remembering manners both on and off the court. Any issues which you feel you need help with during a game can be addressed with a WNA representative at Mission Control.

Coaches Code of Conduct
Parents Code of Conduct
Players Code of Conduct


All players need to be in correct uniform at every game. All jewellery and piercings need to be removed. Only medic alert bracelets are allowed to be worn and only then if they are taped.
Any uniform requirements can be ordered through Kim Balocca,

See more Uniform information


All equipment requirements can be obtained from Kim Balocca,

See more Equipment information


It is recommended that you make yourself aware of the by-laws, copy can be obtained from the committee, and that they are abided by at all times.

WNA By-Laws

Netball Rules

Many parents may struggle understanding the rules of netball. It may be worth directing parents/supporters to the following link for the full rules of netball